The 皇冠app下载 will excel in meeting the needs of our state and economy through universities and colleges that: provide an affordable, accessible and high-quality education; promote lifelong success of students; and create, disseminate and apply knowledge for the advancement of our state, 国家和世界.


遍及全国和全世界, there is no time in history when it has been so essential to acquire knowledge and possess flexible skills to participate successfully in the workforce. That in itself makes the 皇冠app下载’s mission critical to our state’s economic future. Our mission is knowledge: To create it through research, transfer it through teaching and apply it through service.

Most importantly, our overall purpose is to raise attainment levels for communities across Georgia. Long gone are the days when public higher education can just focus on enrolling more students. USG must graduate more students while maintaining the system’s commitment to academic excellence. And we must do so knowing the environment in which we work is changing more rapidly than ever.

In the next 10 years, two-thirds of jobs will require some education beyond high school. Presently, only 47 percent of Georgia’s workforce meets that requirement. Research shows 99 percent of jobs post-Great Recession went to workers with a post-secondary education — 70 percent to workers with at least a bachelor’s degree. 经济无情地回报教育. 正如成长的美好, high-paying jobs outpaces the growth of middle- and low-paying jobs, it is imperative there are enough college graduates to fill these positions. 但有了这些机会, we will need also to navigate challenges that threaten to blunt our impact.

Georgia and the nation are experiencing declining birth rates that will impact us in upcoming years – as it has in some states already. 佐治亚州的一些县, 尤其是在农村地区, are already experiencing population declines among young people who traditionally are thought of as college-aged. 同时, we are experiencing a shift in demographics that have challenged our campuses to do better among those students we have traditionally served poorly, including those who are the first in their families to attend college.

USG faces these changes as the nation’s universities and colleges, 包括我们的, have seen a shift in funding support that more directly relies on students and families. And this is happening as national polls show the public has doubts about whether a degree is worth it at the very time a degree is needed more than ever.

我们相信我们对格鲁吉亚很有利. Yet we recognize it is up to us to prove our worth. 因此,我们有2024年战略计划.

学生的成功, 负责管理, economic competitiveness and community impact – these are the overarching four goals that will guide our strategy for the next four years and beyond. They represent not a catalog of everything we do, but most directly what we need and have to do to drive Georgia forward.


The plan goals are strategic emphases focused on meeting the most critical needs of Georgia. Accomplishing these goals will require the commitment and hard work of faculty, staff and administration at all USG institutions working together as one system to better serve our students and the state of Georgia.